Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic

Name of the Trade & code

Refrigeration & Air Condition - DGT/1010

NSQF Level

Level 4

Duration of Craftsmen Training

2 Years

Unit Strength (No. Of Student)

24 (There is no separate provision of supernumerary seats)

Minimum Age

14 years as on first day of academic session.

Eligibility for PwD


Entry Qualification

Std. X Passed with Maths & Science

Description of Job roles:

Mechanic Refrigeration and Air Conditioner: installs and repairs refrigeration or air conditioning plant by replacing or repairing defective parts, re-seating valves, refitting coils, insulting, requiring electrical connections, soldering etc. Installs at site assembled air conditioning unit and refrigerators giving necessary power connections and making changes to units as necessary to attain desired results. Examines faulty equipment to ascertain nature and location of defects. Dismantles equipment partly or completely according to nature of defects to remove damaged or worn-out parts. Replaces or repairs defective parts. Replaces or repairs defective parts to units by re-seating valves, refitting coils, re-insulating system, etc. over hauls units and reassembles them after cleaning components and replacing defective or worn-out parts of pumps, compressors, motors, etc., Removes faulty sealed units or sub-units of refrigerators or air conditioning plants and obtains replacements. Conducts vacuum and pressure test of pipe lines and charges system with fresh refrigerant. Sets plant to desired cooling conditions, prevents leakage and ensures attainment and maintenance of required temperature. Gets burnt out motors or generators repaired by Electrician or Electrical Winder and installs repaired ones to plant giving necessary electrical connections. May work in ice factory, cold storage plants, specialized air conditioning units or domestic refrigerators. Repair and service in refrigerator, water cooler, bottle cooler, deep freezer, Visi Cooler, Walk in Cooler, Ice candy plant, Cold storage, Ice plant, Split Air Conditioner, Package Air Conditioner, Central Air Conditioner, mobile Air Conditioner.
Plan and organize assigned work and detect & resolve issues during execution in his own work area within defined limit. Demonstrate possible solutions and agree tasks within the team. Communicate with required clarity and understand technical English. Sensitive to environment, self-learning and productivity.

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