Operation TheatreTechnician

Operating Theatre Technician – (OTT): They prepare and maintain operating theatres and equipment, and assist surgical and anaesthetic teams during operations. They are also known as “Operation Room Technician”, “Scrubs”, or “Operating Theatre Assistants” when working in a hospital environment.
Brief Job Description : Some of the key responsibilities of the Operating Theatre Technician are transport patients, preparing operating room for surgery, set up, check, connect and adjust surgical equipment, technical assistance to surgeons, clean & restock the operating room, arranging instrument, supplies and equipment according to instruction and position patients for surgery.
Personal Attributes: This job requires the individual to work in collaboration with Doctors and Nurses and other healthcare providers and deliver the healthcare services as suggested by them. The individual should be result oriented. The individual should also be able to demonstrate clinical skills, communication skills and behavioural skills.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Prepare and maintain operation theatre
  2. Maintain equipment support in an acute care environment
  3. Identify and move to maintain a sterile field
  4. Follow infection control policies and procedures
  5. Manage and maintain theatre equipment
  6. Prepare patient for operative procedures
  7. Provide intra-operative equipment and technical support
  8. Assist anaesthetist in handling emergencies outside of OT Room
  9. Manage hazardous waste
  10. Ensure availability of medical and diagnostic supplies
  11. Work effectively with others
  12. Manage work to meet requirements
  13. Maintain a safe, healthy, and secure working Environment
  14. Follow radiation safety guidelines
  15. Follow biomedical waste disposal protocols
  16. Monitor and assure quality.

Duration: – 1-year Full time

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