Nursing Care

Nursing Care: also referred to as General Duty Assistant – Healthcare (GDA),“Nursing Care Assistant”, “Nursing Assistant”, “Nursing Aide”, “Bedside Assistant” when working in a hospital environment.
Brief Job Description: Individual on the job provides patient care and help maintain a suitable environment. Some of the key responsibilities of the Nursing Care Assistant are to provide patient’s daily care, patient’s comfort, patient’s safety and patient’s health needs.
Personal Attributes: This job requires the individual to work in collaboration with Doctors and Nurses and other healthcare providers and deliver the healthcare services as suggested by them.  The individual should be result oriented. The individual should also be able to demonstrate basic patient care skills, communication skills and ethical behaviour.  The individual should be willing to work in wards or clinics in shifts.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Assist nurse in bathing patient
  2. Assist nurse in grooming the patient
  3. Assist patient in dressing-up
  4. Support individuals to eat and drink
  5. Assist patient in maintaining normal elimination
  6. Transferring patient within the hospital
  7. Communicating appropriately with co-workers
  8. Prevent and control infection
  9. Assist nurse in performing procedures as instructed in the care plan
  10. Assist nurse in observing and reporting change in patient condition
  11. Assist nurse in measuring patient parameters accurately
  12. Respond to patient’s call
  13. Clean medical equipment under supervision of nurse
  14. Transport patient samples, drugs, patient documents and manage changing and transporting laundry/ linen on the floor
  15. Carry out last office (death care)
  16. Act within the limits of your competence and authority
  17. Work effectively with others
  18. Manage work to meet requirements
  19. Maintain a safe, healthy and secure environment
  20. Practice Code of conduct while performing duties
  21. Follow biomedical waste disposal protocols

Duration: – 1-year Full time

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