Diploma in Electrician

The Electrician course trains the candidates to install, maintain and repair electrical machinery equipment and fittings in factories, workshops power house, business and residential premises etc. He studies drawings and other specifications to determine electrical circuit, installation details, etc. This course also helps him to position and install electrical motors, transformers, switchgears, switchboards, microphones, loud-speakers and other electrical equipment, fittings and lighting fixtures. He learns to make connections and solders terminals. He tests electrical installations and equipment and locates faults using megger, test lamps etc.

After successful completion of this course the trainee shall be able to perform the following skills with proper sequence.

  1. Carry out installation, maintenance & repair works of electrical AC, DC, machinery, lighting circuits, domestic appliances and equipment’s used in domestic and industries.
  2. Read and interpret the blue print reading (Electrical layout Drawing as per BIS specification & standards)
  3. Carry out domestic and industrial wiring, earthing system.
  4. Test electrical wiring installation, locate and rectify the faults by using megger and earth tester.
  5. Make and solder the wire joints, wires on PCB and do de-soldering technique.
  6. Use of electrical instrument(analog/digital) like voltmeter, ammeter, wattmeter, energy meter, Wheatstone bridge, oscilloscope, earth tester, tong tester, etc. to measure to different electrical quantities.
  7. Armature winding, single & three phase motor winding and small transformer winding.
  8. Operate, maintain and test the switch gears, circuit breakers, relays and transformer.
  9. Identify and maintain the power generating stations (conventional and non-conventional), transmission and distribution system protecting devices.
  10. Construct test semiconductor devices.
  11. Practice on using fitting carpentry and sheet metal tools.
  12. Carried out break down, over hauling, routine & preventive maintenance of electrical machines and equipment’s.

Duration: – 2-Year Full time

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