Lift Escalator Mechanic

Name of the Trade & code

Lift Escalator Mechanic - DGT/1074

NSQF Level

Level 4

Duration of Craftsmen Training

2 Years

Unit Strength (No. Of Student)

24 (There is no separate provision of supernumerary seats)

Minimum Age

14 years as on first day of academic session.

Eligibility for PwD


Entry Qualification

Std. X Passed with Maths & Science

Description of Job roles:

Electrician General: installs, maintains and repairs electrical machinery, equipment and fittings in factories, workshops power house, business and residential premises etc. Studies drawings and other specifications to determine electrical circuit, installation details etc. Positions and installs electrical motors, transformers, switchgears. Switchboards and other electrical equipment, fittings and lighting fixtures. Repairs or replaces defective wiring, burnt out fuses and defective parts and keeps fittings and fixtures in working order.
Electrical Fitter: fits and assembles electrical machinery and equipment such as motors, transformers, generators, switchgears, fans etc., Studies drawings and wiring diagrams of fittings, wiring and assemblies to be made. Collects prefabricated electrical and mechanical components according to drawing and wiring diagrams and checks them with gauges, megger etc. to ensure proper function and accuracy. Fits mechanical components, resistance, insulators, etc., as per specifications, doing supplementary tooling where necessary. Follows wiring diagrams, makes electrical connections and solders points as specified. Checks for continuity, resistance, circuit shorting, leakage, earthing, etc. at each stage of assembly. Erects various equipment such as bus bars, panel boards, electrical posts, fuse boxes switch gears, meters, relays etc. using non-conductors, insulation hoisting equipment as necessary for receipt and distribution of electrical current to feeder lines. Installs motors, generators, transformer etc. as per drawings using lifting and hoisting equipment as necessary, does prescribed electrical wiring, and connects to supply line. May specialize in repairs of particular equipment manufacturing, installation or power house work and be designated accordingly.
Building and Related: installation and operation of different types of lift, escalator, moving walkways, belt conveyer & bucket conveyer in industries, shopping malls, subways stations, airports, multi-storied, residential buildings including electrical, electronics, safety devices, control panel, power wiring, replacement/ repairing including preventive and breakdown maintenance.

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