Our Facilities.

Computer Lab

Students at LMTI Institute have access to a computer lab. The lab is furnished with contemporary computers and other essential accessories. During designated times, students can use the lab to complete assignments or hone their skills. The students receive technical support and guidance from professional experts who oversee the lab.


The LMTI Institute is pleased to provide its students with a cutting-edge IoT lab facility. Students can explore and create IoT projects in the lab thanks to its cutting-edge apparatus. The IoT lab offers students a practical educational experience that equips them to work on actual IoT applications. Students can obtain a thorough understanding of the most recent IoT technology and their applications with the assistance of knowledgeable teachers.

Electronics Mechanic Lab

A facility called the Electronics Mechanic Lab is available at the LMTI institute, where students may receive practical instruction. The lab is fully furnished with contemporary electronic tools and equipment that allow students to acquire hands-on experience in the industry. During lab sessions, the knowledgeable faculty members mentor and watch over the students to help them develop crucial abilities and methods. Overall, the Electronics Mechanic Lab facility is essential in assisting students in becoming ready for lucrative professions in the electronics sector.

Auditorium Room

The LMTI Institute offers its staff and students access to an auditorium room. The space is furnished with contemporary conveniences to support conferences, seminars, and other events, including excellent sound systems, lighting, and seating configurations. The auditorium is a great location for holding guest lectures and seminars because it has a huge capacity. The building strengthens the institute’s entire academic infrastructure and turns it into a focus for scholarly conversations and interactions.

Electrician Lab

To assist its students obtain expertise in the field of electrical engineering, the LMTI institute offers an electrician lab facility. Modern tools and equipment are available in the lab to help students learn about electrical circuits, wiring, and electrical safety. The lab is supervised by knowledgeable educators who give students practical instruction and direction. With the use of this facility, students may improve their abilities and receive useful practical knowledge that will help them in the electrical sector.

We Work Hard To Prepare Every Student For Their Professional Life


The following businesses have hired our students:

The Placement and Apprenticeship Cell is in charge of providing an Industry-Institute interface and seeks to place suitable students based on their skills. We have nearly 100% apprenticeship for our eligible pupils.